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After-sale activities are important because they:
a) Create opportunities for customers to return merchandise
b) Develop on-going dialog with customers
c) Help store managers determine if they need to hire more sales people.
d) Uncover buying needs

A salesperson questions the customer, “Would you need a can of balls to go with the new racket you selected?” This is an example of:
a) Buying a line.
b) Demonstrating the product
c) Handling customers.
d) Suggestion selling

When determining the customer’s price-range preference, a sales associate should:
a) Demand the customer explain to you how much money they want to spend
b) Ask the manager which is the most popular item.
c) Show the least expensive merchandise first
d) Show the medium-priced merchandise first

In sports and entertainment marketing, direct mail, telemarketing, and personal selling are also known as:
a) Combination approaches
b) Greeting approaches
c) Sales approaches.
d) Welcome approaches

Sending a follow-up survey to customers to determine their level of satisfaction with their latest purchase is an example of:
a) Closing the sale
b) Handling customers
c) Product presentation
d) Relationship marketing.

Observing, listening, and questioning are part of:
a) Closing the sale
b) Determining needs of customer
c) Follow-up
d) Greeting the customer

The first step in an effective product presentation is:
a) Selecting the right product to demonstrate
b) Showing enthusiasm for the product
c) Using sales periodicals
d) Welcoming the customer

To close the sale when a customer needs help deciding, the sales person should:
a) Encourage the customer to be impulsive
b) Explain the characteristics of each product being considered
c) Show at least four additional items
d) Stop talking about the product

The LEAST effective sales approach method is the:
a) combination
b) greeting
c) merchandise
d) service

A physical action, comment, or question is a:
a) Buying signal.
b) Characteristic of an impulse customer.
c) Customer objection
d) Direct close.

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