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A customer stating a reason, concern, or hesitation for not making a purchase is a(n):
a) close
b) disagreement
c) doubt
d) objection

Which of the following would be the most effective way to involve customers in a product demonstration of a golf putter?
a) Allow the customer to test the grip of the putter
b) Photocopy information about the putter for the customer to take home
c) Point out the features and benefits of the putter
d) Show the customer testimonials in Golf Digest

Suggestion selling
a) Allows the salesperson to suggest unwanted items to a customer
b) Helps the area supervisor
c) Takes place after the customer commits to original purchase.
d) Takes place after the original sales transaction has been completed.

The first encounter with the customer is called the:
a) approach
b) opener
c) preapproach
d) presentation

Why is it important to show medium-priced merchandise first?
a) The salesperson can go up or down based on customer’s reaction
b) The salesperson doesn’t want to embarrass the customer
c) To close the sale
d) To overcome objections

One rule for closing the sale is when a customer is ready to buy, the sales person should
a) Encourage the customer to be impulsive
b) Explain the characteristics of each product being considered.
c) Show additional merchandise
d) Stop talking about the product and ask for the sale

Vivian is looking at a Faith Hill CD. The salesperson should use which approach when addressing Vivian?
a) greeting
b) merchandise
c) service
d) welcome

Showing a potential season ticket holder where his seats will be is which step of the selling process?
a) Approaching the customer
b) Closing the sale
c) Product demonstration
d) Overcoming objections

When there is a wide variety of products available, a salesperson should first show the customer:
a) Higher priced items
b) Lower priced items
c) Medium priced items
d) The most expensive item

“Of the two treadmills you just tried, on which one did you feel more confident running?” is an example of which closing technique?
a) direct
b) service
c) Standing-room only
d) which

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