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The code for a given amino acid consists of ___ bases
a) one
b) four
c) three
d) two

What are Watson and Crick known for?
a) Taking X-ray pictures of DNA
b) Making models of DNA
c) Studying the amounts of each base
d) Discovering genes

Which of the following shows the correct pairing of bases?
a) A - C
b) T - G
c) A - T
d) G - A

What are the 3 things that make up a nucleotide?
a) a gene, an allele, and a trait
b) an amino acid, a base, and a protein
c) chromosomes and genes
d) a sugar, a phosphate, and a base

What is the matching strand of DNA if the sequence is TAGTCA?

Rosalind Franklin created images that suggested DNA had a(n) ____shape.
a) circular
b) tubular
c) spiral
d) X

The rungs of the DNA ladder are made of___.
a) sugar molecules
b) alternating sugar and phosphates
c) nucleotide bases
d) phosphate molecules

The human body is made of many ______, which are made of amino acids.
a) proteins
b) traits
c) genes
d) bases

What type of mutation? Original DNA: AAACCCGGG Mutated: AAACACGGG
a) deletion
b) omission
c) substitution
d) insertion

If a mutation occurs in the DNA of ____cells, it can be passed from one generation to the next.
a) brain
b) muscle
c) heart
d) sex

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