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What part of the brain controls involuntary actions?
a) cerebrum
b) brain stem
c) cerebellum
d) spinal cord

What is the peripheral nervous system?
a) it connects the central nervous system to the rest of the body
b) it is divided into the somatic and autonomic systems
c) both a and b
d) none of the above

A interneuron passes an impulse from the sensory to a
a) axon
b) dendrite
c) motor
d) cell body

What part of the brain interprets input from the senses, controls movement of skeletal muscles, and carries out the complex mental processes?
a) cerebrum
b) brain stem
c) cerebellum
d) spinal cord

A bruise injury of the brain is called
a) s stimulant
b) a concussion
c) an inhalant
d) paralysis

A synapse is the space between
a) one cell and another cell
b) an axon and the cell body
c) a dendrite and the cell body
d) an axon and the structure that receives the nerve impulse

What part of the brain carries out learning, remembering, and making judgements?
a) cerebellum
b) cerebrum
c) brain stem
d) spinal cord

One function of the nervous system
a) maintain homeostasis
b) provide oxygen to the cells
c) produce red blood cells
d) break food down into a form the cells can use

What part of your brian coordinates the actions of your muscles and helps you keep your balance?
a) cerebrum
b) spinal cord
c) cerebellum
d) brain stem

A motor neuron sends an impulse to
a) a muscle or gland
b) a sensory neuron
c) an interneuron
d) another motor neuron

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