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The year the E.U. officially began under the Maastrict Treaty
a) 1958
b) 1973
c) 1993
d) 2008

Number of E.U. member nations?
a) 12
b) 25
c) 27
d) 51

Currency of most of the E.U. Nations
a) Dollar
b) Amero
c) Pound
d) Euro

Tax on imports/exports
a) Tariffs
b) GDP
c) Concession
d) Subsidy

This country has applied to the E.U. but not yet approved
a) Spain
b) Turkey
c) Italy
d) France

The E.U. also made trade easy by fixing weights, measures, and currency also known as
a) Fixation
b) Complacency
c) Currencation
d) Standarization

A system of money
a) currency
b) barter
c) trading post
d) Wall Street

The De facto capital city of the E.U.
a) Paris, France
b) Brussels, Belgium
c) London, England
d) Berlin, Germany

The E.U. flag is
a) Blue with 12 stars
b) Yellow with 27 stars
c) Blue with 25 stars
d) Yellow with 51 stars

The formation of the E.U. has
a) allowed workers to move freely between member nations.
b) allowed goods to move freely between member nations.
c) increased citizens standard of living.
d) all of the above.

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