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The opposite of explicit is
a) exact
b) understadable
c) vague
d) hasty

a commentary is
a) excitement
b) the requirement
c) an explanation
d) a disturbance

what is a memorandum
a) unproven explanation
b) short note
c) firm decision
d) opinion

Someone's viewpoint is
a) the physical features
b) age and status
c) stature
d) opinion

Premise is
a) introduction
b) choice
c) belief
d) property

Reminisce is
a) to sit still
b) a firm descision
c) remember the past
d) think ahead

Miscellaneous is
a) made up of different things
b) all the same
c) an opinion
d) a short note

a resolution is
a) type of weather pattern
b) account of one' life
c) made up of different things
d) a firm decision

a memoir is
a) account of one's life
b) type of sign
c) hair style
d) element of a story

a theory is
a) a possible explanation
b) evidence
c) a decision
d) result

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