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What moves Roxane so deeply in the balcony scene?
a) Cyrano says what Roxane wants to hear.
b) Cyano has his lines memorized.
c) Cyrano honestly expresses his deepest feelings.
d) Cyrano expresses his adoration with incredible wit.

What about the teardrop that Christian sees makes him angry?
a) he realizes Cyrano loves Roxane.
b) he fears that Roxane will think he was afraid to die.
c) He thinks Roxane will realize who wrote the letter.
d) He does not want Roxane's sympathy.

By the end of Act V, in which Christian dies, which one of the following characters has undergone the greatest change?
a) Christian
b) Roxane
c) Rageuneau
d) Le Bret

Why does Cyrano realize that he cannot tell Roxane of his love?
a) She will not believe him.
b) he is not worthy of her love.
c) He thinks that he will also die in the battle.
d) he does not want to dishonor Christian.

Roxane's scolding of Cyrano for his tardiness in coming for his weekly visit shows her
a) self-centered attitude
b) indifference toward his injury
c) ignorance of his injury
d) impatience when things don't go her way

Who is the "unwelcome visitor" that made Cyrano late?
a) fatigue
b) sickness
c) poverty
d) death

What is moral tone?
a) the main idea of the story
b) the feeling surrounding the story, that readers experience
c) the author's attitude toward the characters
d) the traits praised and punished by the author

Which characters are static?
a) Roxane and de Guiche
b) de Guiche and Christian
c) Christian and Cyrano
d) Cyrano and Roxane

Which event occured first?
a) Roxane sicovers that Cyrano loves her.
b) Cyrano orders Montfleury to leave the stage.
c) Count de Guiche orders the cadets to report for duty
d) Christian and Roxane are married

What two characteristics are Gascons known for?
a) humble and ferocious
b) proud and ferocious
c) humble and kind
d) ferocious and kind

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