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Who was the author of the play?
a) Shakespeare
b) Rostand
c) Moliere
d) Dante

In what language was Cyrano de Bergerac written?
a) English
b) Dutch
c) German
d) French

Cyrano's stated life goal is what?
a) to confront anyone who insults his appearance
b) to continue to torment Montfleury
c) to openly declare his love for Roxane.
d) to make himself admirable in all things

Which character in Act I who best illustrates the fleeting nature of fame?
a) Cyrano
b) Lignere
c) Montfleury
d) Le Bret

What does Cyrano believe is the main obstacle between him and Roxanne?
a) her duenna
b) his ugliness
c) Count de Guiche
d) his poverty

What does Cyrano fear?
a) Roxane will agree to marry de Guiche.
b) Roxane will fall in love with Christian.
c) Roxane will question his bravery.
d) Roxane will laugh at him if he tells her he loves her.

Cyrano's letter writing while Ragueneau raves over his defeat of the one hundred men illustrates what point?
a) Cyrano is arrogant in his ability in combat.
b) Cyrano disregards Ragueneau's opinion.
c) Cyrano is bold in battle but timid in love.
d) Cyrano cannot express himself on paper.

Cyrano's refusal to respond to Christian's taunts shows he is
a) intimidated by Christian
b) loyal to Roxane
c) unwilling to become angry over personal attacks
d) patient with people he thinks are inferior

The reason Cyrano says he is going to help Christian write to Roxane is
a) The situation will entertain and challenge him as a poet.
b) He knows she will never love him.
c) He must do what's best for his cousin.
d) He does not want de Guiche to win her.

Christian decides to try to speak for himself because
a) Cyrano won't help him any longer
b) he is afraid Roxane will discover their deception
c) he knows Roxane loves him, so he is confident
d) he loses confidence in Cyrano's abilities

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