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Who is the head of the National Executive Branch?
a) President
b) Governor
c) Congress
d) Cabinet

Who is the head of the State Executive Branch?
a) President
b) Governor
c) Congress
d) Cabinet

All of the following are duties of the executive branch except:
a) Execute the laws
b) Prepare annaul and biannual budget for the state
c) Appoint cabinet officers, ambassadors,and federal judges
d) make Laws

Which of the following is not a role the president uses to exercise his power?
a) Commander-in-chief
b) Chief Legislator
c) Chief Diplomat
d) Chief of Country

The President is known as the chief citizen.
a) True
b) False
c) ...
d) ...

The executive branch influences public policy by:
a) Proposing legislation in the state of the union address
b) Appealing directly to the people
c) Appointing officials who help carry out the laws
d) All of the answers

The Governor is:
a) Chief of state
b) Chief Legislator
c) Chief Administrator
d) All of the answers

Who is our current President?
a) Obama
b) McCain
c) Smith
d) Dexter

What color is the sky?
a) Blue
b) Black
c) Green
d) Yellow

Choose A
a) This is A
b) This is not A
c) This is not A neither
d) I'm "X"

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