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This is the highest court in the land.
a) Supreme Court
b) Court of Appeals
c) Circuit Court
d) US District Court

The right to hear a case for the first time is called what?
a) Appellate Jurisdiction
b) No Jurisdiction
c) First Jurisdiction
d) Original Jurisdiction

Which court has original jurisdiction over federal cases?
a) US Court of Appeals
b) US Court of Crimes
c) US District Court
d) US Circuit court

Where does the US and VA courts get their power?
a) Their Constitution
b) Thier Leaders
c) Their Congress
d) Their People

Which VA court has original jurisdiction over Misdemeanors?
a) Circuit Court
b) Supreme Court
c) Appeals Court
d) General District Court

What does the Circuit Court have original jurisdiction over?
a) Misdemeanors
b) Felonies
c) Juries
d) Appeals

Which court in the VA court system has a jury?
a) General District
b) Supreme
c) Circuit
d) Appeals

The power to determine if something goes against the constitution is called what?
a) Judicial Review
b) None of them
c) Court Review
d) Constitutional Rights

Which court case set up the power of Judicial Review for the supreme court?
a) Roe vs. Wade
b) Miranda vs. Arizona
c) Marbury vs. Madison
d) Gideon vs. Wainwright

How many justices are on the US supreme court?
a) 7
b) 15
c) 9
d) 5

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