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AA paid a sponsorship fee of $5K to the athletic association. AA felt it did not need to do anything else. Based on the information given, why could this sponsorship fail?
a) AA did not cover the cost of their expenses
b) AA did not participate in leveraging
c) Sponsors should follow-up after paying a fee
d) They did not meet association requirements

Rocky’s has not paid the fee to be an official sponsor of the Kentucky Derby. However, it sponsors jockeys, making the public believe they are an officialsponsor. This is:
a) mass
b) parasite
c) smart
d) target

When a company does not pay the fee to be an official sponsor but uses techniques to make the public believe the company is an official sponsor is called:
a) Ambush marketing
b) Smart marketing
c) Sponsorship marketing
d) Target marketing

Information on the advertising time or space is recorded on a:
a) Advertising card
b) Dollar card
c) Rate card
d) Time card

Businesses can assess and measure the success of sponsorship by comparing sales:
a) After sponsorship
b) During and after sponsorship
c) Prior to and after sponsorship
d) Prior to and during sponsorship

The first step in assessing and measuring the success of a company’s sponsorship is to:
a) Analyze impressions
b) Develop rate cards
c) Graph sales
d) Measure customer awareness

Measuring the success of a sponsorship can be accomplished by:
a) Calculating profit before the sponsorship
b) Looking at sales outside the viewing area
c) Measuring obtainment of established goals
d) Reviewing trade journals

Information on advertising prices related to the value of time or space can be found on:
a) Bank statements
b) Behavioral reports
c) Media tickets
d) Rate cards

Ambush marketing is also referred to as:
a) Aggressive marketing
b) Attack marketing
c) Consumption marketing
d) Parasite marketing

Ambush marketing is also known as
a) Behavioral marketing
b) Parasite marketing
c) Smart marketing
d) Surprise marketing

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