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What type of joint is the shoulder and hip?
a) flexible
b) hinge
c) rotater
d) ball and socket

What type of joint is the elbow and knee?
a) pivot
b) ball and socket
c) hinge
d) flexible

What type of joint is the neck and wrist?
a) flexible
b) ball and socket
c) hinge
d) rotater

How many bones are in the adult human skeleton?
a) 308
b) 206
c) 56
d) 105

back of thigh
a) tricep
b) calf
c) hamstring
d) quadriceps

inside of arm
a) quadriceps
b) calf
c) tricep
d) bicep

What do red blood cells do?
a) carry waste
b) help digest food
c) fights disease
d) carry oxygen

What do white blood cells do?
a) carry oxygen
b) filter waste
c) fights disease
d) allows blood to clot

What process uses oxygen to release energy from nutrients?
a) sweat
b) respiration
c) chewing
d) swallowing

What does the gall bladder do?
a) stores bile
b) makes bile to digest fats
c) helps eliminates waste
d) filtes toxins and bacteria

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