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After a meeting has been arranged with a potential sponsor, the sponsee should collect:
a) Background information on the sponsor
b) Information related to insurance needs
c) Sample data
d) Sample products

An experienced salesperson knows that objections may occur:
a) at any time
b) During the pre-approach.
c) When creating a sponsorship package
d) when following up

Listen, acknowledge, restate, and answer are the four steps in:
a) Closing the sale
b) Determining needs
c) Handling objections.
d) Suggestion selling.

The length of an agreement and the financial obligation are part of the:
a) benefits
b) event definition
c) obligation
d) terms

What should the salesperson do to be sure the customer is ready to close the sale?
a) Look for buying signals
b) Research your customer
c) Review your notes
d) Try to shake hands

Luxury boxes, access to celebrities and VIP passes are components of the:
a) Employee Discounts
b) Exclusion packages
c) Merchandise Inventory
d) Sponsorship packages

Clauses in the sponsorship agreement include:
a) Copyright and privacy laws
b) Event definition and sponsor benefits
c) Insurance and contact information
d) Stages of the product life cycle

The FINAL step in securing a sponsor is to:
a) Determine the audience
b) Establish a partnership with the sponsor
c) Locate potential sponsors
d) Select promotional items

The FIRST step in the sales process is:
a) Approach.
b) Canvassing
c) Cold calling
d) Pre-approach

The final phase in the sales process is:
a) closing the sale
b) determining needs
c) follow up
d) suggestion selling

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