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“This football helmet has extra padding for protection. It also has a very sturdy face mask to provide more protection.” The salesperson is:
a) determing needs
b) handling objections
c) presenting features/benefits
d) suggestion selling

For every $1 spent on the sponsorship fee, sponsors should spend how much on leveraging?
a) between $1 and $5
b) between $5 and $10
c) between $10 and $15
d) between $15 and $20

Point of purchase displays and discounted tickets with proof of purchase to events are examples of:
a) approaching
b) leveraging
c) merchandising
d) packaging

Athletic Plus has agreed to sponsor a baseball team. Which clause in the agreement details what the sponsor will be receiving?
a) sponsor benefits
b) sponsor features
c) sponsor obligations
d) sponsor terms

One way to identify companies who may be potential sponsors is to:
a) Research multi-purpose facilities
b) Review trade journals
c) Survey your neighborhood.
d) Watch infomercials.

In closing the deal with the sponsor, the sponsee should:
a) acquire a signature
b) hire an attorney
c) Outline the agreement.
d) Prepare a press release

One step in securing sponsors is to:
a) Avoid collaborating with other companies
b) Establish a partnership with the sponsor
c) Identify facility managers
d) List competitors

A clause in the sponsorship agreement that clearly defines the event is known as the:
a) event definition
b) introduction
c) recommendation
d) terms

In the sponsorship agreement, details regarding what the entity is due are known as:
a) exclusivity
b) sponsor benefits
c) sponsor obligations
d) terms

Signage, entertainment, and merchandise rights are benefits to the sponsor included in the:
a) fact sheet
b) media package
c) signage agreement
d) sponsor agreemnent

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