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Companies such as GMC and Exxon who join together to create a special deal for customers when both companies are patronized are involved in:
a) bargaining
b) branding
c) hosting
d) leveraging

Pepsi is the only official carbonated beverage of the Atlantic Coast Conference. This is a benefit included in the sponsorship agreement known as:
a) Exclusivity
b) Inclusion
c) In-kind
d) signage

Access to celebrities, luxury boxes and VIP passes are which types of benefits included in the sponsorship agreement?
a) entertainment
b) exclusivity
c) media
d) signage

After making an initial presentation to a potential sponsor you should always:
a) decide on a sponsor
b) follow up
c) review your notes
d) play games on the computer during class

Roy cold calls retailers within his city asking for the name of the store managers. Roy is attempting to identify the:
a) decision maker
b) gross sales
c) number of employees
d) shift supervisor

National Car Rental offering patrons a discounted weekly rate when using their VISA card is an example of:
a) canvassing
b) determining needs
c) leveraging
d) partnering

NASCAR offering fans a $2 discount on ticket prices with a Coca-Cola product proof of purchase is an example of:
a) boosting
b) exclusivity
c) leveraging
d) sampling

Arriving early, dressing professionally, and giving a firm handshake is done during which phase of the sales process?
a) approach
b) follow up
c) handling objections
d) pre-approach

Focusing on the sponsors’ benefits and getting the sponsors involved occurs during which phase of the sales process?
a) approach
b) Feature benefit presentation
c) Handling objections
d) pre-approach

Tony is trying to make contact with potential sponsors. He is using a phone book to call businesses. Which method is Tony using?
a) cold canvassing
b) endless chain
c) follow up
d) leveraging

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