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Which components do you need to access the web?
a) Scanner
b) Pen
c) Router
d) Windows Explorer

What could you use to hide your IP details from another computer on the web?
a) Internet Explorer
b) A Router
c) A Mail Server
d) A Proxy Server

What does html stand for?
a) he takes minutes longer
b) help transistional main language
c) hypertext mark-up language
d) hoster tere maks lurw

What would you need to allow others to see your site on the web?
a) domain name
b) a mobile phone
c) a house
d) a car

How could you put your website online?
a) through the bank
b) through your phone
c) through a web hosting service
d) through your printer

How many blogs are created every second?
a) 2
b) 1
c) 555
d) 123456

What's this Web 2.0 all about?
a) Passive internet surfing
b) interactive, creative and social networking
c) a new router system
d) broadband infrastructure

How do companies use the web?
a) To make products
b) To annoy customers
c) To advertise products
d) To steal information from consumers

Which one of these should not be included on a web page?
a) navigation bar
b) high resolution images
c) hyperlinks
d) site map

Which one of these can you not use to create web pages?
a) Media Player
b) Dreamweaver
c) Flash
d) MS Word

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