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What is the Correct definition for personal selling ?
a) oral communication with potential buyers of a product with the intention of making a sale.
b) selling personal items
c) buying personal items
d) i don`t know

Fill in the blank . Listen, Understand and ..
a) Party .
b) Give them what they want .
c) Comprehend
d) Determine

TRUE OR FALSE . the best sales people are the best talkers .
a) false
b) true
c) both true and false
d) i think it`s true

What is one of the oldest forms of promotion ?
a) allocating
b) personal selling
c) finding prospects
d) target market

What is a tip on being a GOOD personal seller ?
a) lie to the customer
b) talking too much
c) ask questions !
d) being nice to a mean customer .

What is the correct definition for commission ?
a) when the worker who has all the right answers is promoted.
b) when the worker who gets the most attention is paid more
c) when the worker who produces the most is compensated
d) when the worker gets paid no matter how much he sells

Fill in the blank . Be ....
a) Sincere
b) Yourself
c) Nice
d) Mean

Commission rewards sucess and ....
a) status
b) productivity
c) money
d) power

Bonus. who is the current secretary of state ?
a) Joe Biden
b) Clifton Powell
c) Condelleza Rice
d) Hilary Rodham Clinton

Bonus. who is the 42nd president of the United States ?
a) JFK
b) Ronald Reagan
c) Bill Clinton
d) Richard Nixon

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