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a) a type of standard that is approved by state officials
b) someone who accepts everything
c) departing from an accepted standard
d) leaving someone out of an activity

a) not self indulgent especially with food or drink
b) someone who is very giving
c) a type of plant in the northeast region
d) choosing to work with small groups rather than large groups

a) not holding back from an activity
b) being able to do everything
c) someone who is spontaneous and has no control
d) practice of restraining oneself from indulging in something

a) not holding back from an activity
b) go forward with a decision
c) not restaining from doing something enjoyable
d) restrain from doing something enjoyable

a) regard with disgust and hatred
b) regard with positive comments and remarks
c) restraining yourself from doing something enjoyable
d) having many hobbies

a) a bad hook for a research paper
b) a person or thing that is the direct opposite of someone or something
c) a person or thing that is the same as someone or something
d) the art of writing an introduction to a research paper

a) something that helps the growth of disease
b) something that prevents growth of disease
c) a cure for a disease
d) a place where diseases are treated

a) an intense argument
b) having only one belief
c) contradiction between two beliefs that are reasonable
d) contradiction between two beliefs that are not reasonable

a) medicine taken to counteract a poison
b) an overdose of medicine
c) the spread of a disease
d) medicines that make diseases worse

a) a quiet and relaxing place where depressed people go
b) therapy for depression
c) drugs that make depression worse
d) drug used to stop depression

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