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a) practicing one specific religion
b) doctrine that identifies God with the Universe
c) doctrine that discusses different religions
d) doctrine that identifies humans with God

a) the study of diseases
b) a disease that attacks the white blood cells in your body
c) disease in one region of the U.S.
d) disease that takes over a country or the world

a) a remedy for diseases or any difficulties
b) a country during the Ice Age
c) the geographical location before 300 B.C.
d) the idea that all diseases cannot be cured

a) a cure for hording
b) the orginal name of the game of Monopoly
c) a complete and impressive collection of things
d) an incomplete collection of things

a) sensative to all visible colors of the spectrum
b) sensative to some colors of the spectrum
c) sensative to only red and blue of the color spectrum
d) sensative to only the rainbow

a) a limited view of only mountains and lakes
b) night vision view through a camera
c) a broken view of a region
d) an unbroken view of a whole region

a) a belief in only one thing
b) mistaken belief about something
c) belief about something this is proven correct
d) unable to think clearly

a) to set apart for a purpose-misassign
b) to put together for a purpose
c) to locate something in the future
d) to locate something in the past

a) a type of music
b) a collection of different items
c) a collectin of the same thing
d) a person who collects only small items

a) to present history incorrectly
b) to fake with a positive design
c) to fake with an evil design
d) to leave someone out of an activity

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