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a) historical events in order of when they happened
b) an old newpaper
c) a magazine that includes science terms
d) historical events out of order

a) slow in time
b) quickly in time
c) persisting for a long time or recurring
d) something that comes only once, like a cold

a) study of the Civil War
b) study of scientific experiements
c) study of time
d) study of historical records

a) instrument for recording music
b) instrument for recording time
c) instrument for recording historical events
d) instrument for recording wind speed

a) instrument for measuring time in spite of motion or weather
b) instrument for recording time
c) instrument for measuring wind speed
d) instrument for recording scientific experiments

a) an incorrect math problem
b) the slowing of time
c) a successful working instrument
d) failure to work normally

a) an instrument that measure your fever
b) fever caused by a parasite that invades red blood cells
c) fever caused by a parasite that invades white blood cells
d) a cure for diseases

a) intention or desire to travel through time
b) intention or desire to do good things in life
c) intention or desire to do evil things
d) intention or desire to help others with their problems

a) a disease or an ailment
b) a cure for a disease or ailment
c) a mean person
d) someone who breaks the law

a) a model
b) a deformity
c) something that is perfect
d) something made from recycled materials

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