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a) the same in nature or meaning
b) opposite in nature or meaning
c) when two items go against one another
d) a type of bird such as a canary

a) goods imported or exported illegally
b) goods imported or exported legally
c) a band of pirates that steal goods
d) services that come to an end

a) when people agree about a topic
b) to count while arguing
c) when there are many, many fights
d) opposing veiwpoints

a) two opposite pieces of music that play together as a melody
b) two of the same pieces of music that play together
c) music that sounds awful
d) the name of a rock band in London

a) a meeting with many people
b) an action that violates the law
c) following the rules
d) a type of animal that hides

a) a blessing after a church service
b) a good place to go with your friends
c) a youth group at a church
d) a very good place to study after school

a) a person who takes money away from people
b) a person who is good at solving factual math problems
c) a person who gives money or help to a person
d) a person who is good at traveling

a) well meaning and kindly
b) very cruel and cold-hearted
c) a violent storm
d) someone who is boring

a) a type of colonial rocking chair
b) the past tense of the word crying
c) a very sad mood
d) the past tense of naming something or call by name

a) to appoint an adult to a university
b) to appoint someone to work in a church
c) to appoint someone to work in a school
d) to appoint a student to a sport's team

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