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What is the process of removing animals from wild settings and raising them ina controlled environment?
a) animal industry
b) animal nutrition
c) animal sales and service
d) animal domestication

What is a feral animal
a) a swine
b) a domestic animal with a bad temperament
c) a pet that is now living in the wild
d) all of the above

What type of animal are used to assist people in living and work?
a) livestock animals
b) feral animals
c) companion animals
d) service animals

What do we call a mature male turkey?
a) tom
b) capon
c) poult
d) poultry

What is the proper term for the meat that comes from a bovine animal?
a) mutton
b) pork
c) beef
d) chevon

What is a cockerel?
a) a young female chicken
b) a young chicken
c) a young male chicken
d) a chicken used to lay eggs

Which of the following is not a benefit of companion animals for humans?
a) companionship
b) improvement of health
c) guardians
d) increase of allergies

What is the leading beef-producing state?
a) California
b) Nevada
c) Texas
d) Tennesee

Livestock animals
a) were tamed by humans after the last ice age
b) were domesticated millions of years ago
c) are used by humans to provide products or services
d) are not important to our economy because there are not many farms anymore

_______ were the first species to be domesticated, and __________ were the last
a) cats/horses
b) dogs/horses
c) dogs/pigs
d) cows/goats

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