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What tools would you need to use to find out how the mass of two boxes affects the distance they will slide down a ramp?
a) thermometer and ruler
b) scale and a ruler
c) stopwatch and a ruler
d) scale and a string

Everything that happens in the universe, including sprouting seeds, involves energy. An unsprouted seed in the in the ground is an example of __________ energy.
a) kinetic energy
b) potential
c) none of the above
d) both A & B

When a seed sprouts, it converts stored chemical energy into _____________.
a) mechanical energy
b) another form of chemical energy
c) thermal energy
d) photosynthesis

Friction between a car's tires and the road releases ______________ energy.
a) potential
b) electric
c) thermal
d) nuclear

Using natural gas or propane to propel an automobile is an example of converting ___________ energy to ____________energy.
a) Chemical / mechanical
b) Radiant/mechanical
c) Electrical/chemical
d) Mechanical/chemical

The total amount of energy in a system remains constant, although energy can be _________________.
a) Converted into unwanted energy or waste energy on its way to doing work
b) Changed from one form to another
c) Transferred from one object to another
d) All of the above

Which of the following represents the energy pathway in a toaster?
a) Chemical energy -> mechanical energy -> thermal (radiant) energy
b) Thermal energy -> mechanical energy -> thermal (radiant) energy
c) Electrical energy -> mechanical energy -> chemical energy
d) Electrical energy -> mechanical energy -> thermal (radiant) energy

Not all the energy used by the toaster went into toasting the bread. What happens to the rest of the energy?
a) The coils in the toaster absorb the excess heat.
b) The excess thermal energy is transferred to the surrounding air.
c) The excess energy was used to pop the toast back out of the toaster.
d) The excess energy was lost due to friction.

Energy is best defined as
a) the forces needed to move an object
b) mass X distance
c) the ability to do work
d) the time which it takes to move an object

The gasoline that is in the tank of your vehicle is an example of
a) electrical energy
b) mechanical energy
c) thermal energy
d) chemical energy

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