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A change in position
a) motion
b) reference point
c) speed
d) velocity

Measures how fast position changes
a) speed
b) motion
c) acceleration
d) velocity

Measures how fast velocity changes
a) acceleration
b) speed
c) velocity
d) vectors

___________ change the motion of objects in predictable ways
a) Forces
b) Motions
c) Inertia
d) Momentum

What determines acceleration
a) force and mass
b) force and motion
c) mass and time
d) mass and weight

If the force acting upon and object is increased, what happens to the objects acceleration?
a) It increases
b) It decreases
c) It stays the same
d) It increases but then decreases suddenly

If a 10 N force accelerates and object 5 m/s/s how massive is the object?
a) 2 kg
b) 20 kg
c) 5 kg
d) 2.5 kg

An action force and its reaction force are
a) equal in size but opposite in direction
b) equal in size and direction
c) different in size but in the same direction
d) different in size and in direction

Objects at rest remain at rest, and objects in motion remain in motion with the same velocity, unless
a) acted upon by an unbalanced force
b) acted upon by a balanced force
c) left alone
d) the forces are equal

Which one of these is not true about momentum
a) momentum is a measure of time in motion
b) momentum is a measure of mass in motion
c) forces transfer momentum
d) momentum is conserved in collisions

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