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Define: Fish
a) aquatic arthropods with modified appendages
b) plant that grows partially or wholly in water
c) aquatic invertebrate with a shell
d) aquatic vertebra with fins

An example of a fish is:
a) Crawfish
b) Salmon
c) Lobster
d) Shrimp

Capturing wild or shellfish including commercial and sport fishing is:
a) Capture
b) Sources
c) Crustacean
d) Culture

An area where freshwater and saltwater meet is known as:
a) Freshwater
b) Ocean
c) Brackish Water
d) Saltwater

An aquatic arthropod with modified appendages is known as a:
a) Fish
b) Crustacean
c) Aquatic Plant
d) Shellfish

An example of a shellfish is:
a) Seaweed
b) Shrimp
c) Swordfish
d) Mussels

This form of aquaculture includes cultivation, propogation and marketing;
a) Culture
b) Commercial Fishing
c) Sources
d) Capture

What is the definition of aquaculture?
a) Capturing wild or shellfish including commercial and sport fishing.
b) Plants that grow partially or wholly in water.
c) Form of aquaculture that includes cultivation, propogration and marketing.
d) The raising and harvesting of fresh and saltwater plants and animals.

What are the reasons for using aquatic plants to benefit humans?
a) Spa/Facials
b) Sushi
c) All of the answers
d) None of the answers

Which is an example of an area of saltwater?
a) Lake
b) River
c) Ocean
d) Pond

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