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Great Britain, Soviet Union, China, and the U.S.
a) The Big Three
b) The Allies
c) The Axis Powers
d) Goof Troop

Germany's fascist party, the National Socialists
a) The Allies
b) Axis Powers
c) Nazi
d) The Women's Army Corps

a) charter
b) propaganda
c) annex
d) depression

period of economic decline
a) appeasement
b) annex
c) depression
d) downturn

preserving peace by meeting the demands of an aggressor
a) appeasement
b) pacifier
c) armistice
d) truce

Germany, Italy, and Japan
a) The Big Three
b) Women's Army Corps
c) The Allied Powers
d) The Axis Powers

launching attacks on other countries
a) propaganda
b) refugee
c) aggression
d) collective

armed forces organization for women
a) Women\'s Army Corps
b) WPA
c) collectives
d) concentration camps

to attach
a) seperate
b) integrate
c) segregate
d) annex

a person who left his or her homeland for safety
a) kamikaze
b) criminal
c) refugee
d) Nazi

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