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Electric Field lines
a) point toward a negative charge
b) point away from a positive charge
c) never cross one another
d) all of the answers are correct

Electric Field lines indicate
a) direction only
b) relative strength only
c) both direction and relative strength
d) neither direction and relative strength

Potential differences cause
a) electrons to move from positive terminal to negative terminal
b) electrons to move from negative terminal to positive terminal
c) protons to move from positive terminal to negative terminal
d) protons to move from negative terminal to positive terminal

the resistance of an insulator is
a) absent
b) very low
c) moderate
d) high

positive charges ____________ one another
a) attract
b) cancel
c) repel
d) join

The electric force between two objects ___ when the distance between them decreases
a) increases
b) decreases
c) remains constant
d) none of the answers are correct

which of the following is a negatively charge particle
a) proton
b) electron
c) coulomb
d) neutron

electric field lines show strength and ___ of an electric field
a) polarization
b) direction
c) temperature
d) friction

_____ is the opposition posed by a material to the flow of current
a) voltage
b) charge
c) resistance
d) ampere

a circuit breaker acts as a switch creating a ___ circuit when the current is too high
a) closed
b) series
c) open
d) parallel

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