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What is a genome?
a) the complete complement of an organism's genes
b) a specific sequence of polypeptides within each cell
c) a specialized polymer of four different kinds of monomers
d) specific segment of DNA that is found within a prokaryotic chromosome

Which of the following statements about genes is incorrect?
a) Genes correspond to segments of DNA.
b) Many genes contain the information needed for cells to synthesize enzymes and other proteins.
c) During fertilization, both the sperm and the ovum contribute genes to the resulting fertilized egg.
d) Under normal circumstances, each chromosome contains precisely one gene.

Asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction are different in that
a) individuals reproducing asexually transmit 100% of their genes to their progeny, whereas individuals
b) asexual reproduction produces offspring that are genetically identical to the parents, whereas sexua
c) asexual reproduction involves a single parent, whereas sexual reproduction involves two.
d) all of the above

How do the two members of a pair of homologous chromosomes differ from each other?
a) their length
b) the identity and relative position of the genes present on each of the chromosomes
c) their staining patterns
d) the precise sequence of the DNA within each of the chromosomes

What is a karyotype?
a) the set of unique physical characteristics that define an individual
b) a display of every pair of homologous chromosomes within a cell, organized according to size and sha
c) a unique combination of chromosomes found in a gamete
d) a system of classifying cell nuclei

By examining a karyotype, it is possible to determine
a) which of two related plant forms is a gametophyte, and which is a sporophyte.
b) the sex of an animal.
c) the age of a fungus.
d) A and B only

At which stage of mitosis are chromosomes photographed in the preparation of a karyotype?
a) prophase
b) metaphase
c) anaphase
d) telophase

The human X and Y chromosomes are
a) both present in every somatic cell of males and females alike.
b) of approximately equal size.
c) called "sex chromosomes" because they determine an individual's sex.
d) all of the above

If the liver cells of an animal have 24 chromosomes, how many chromosomes do its sperm cells have?
a) 6
b) 12
c) 24
d) 48

Which of the following is true of a species that has a chromosome number of 2n = 16?
a) The species is diploid with 32 chromosomes.
b) The species has 16 sets of chromosomes.
c) There are 8 homologous pairs.
d) During the S phase of the cell cycle there will be 32 separate chromosomes.

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