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A synonym fro pessimistic is
a) gloomy
b) curious
c) exhausted
d) interested

A synonym for eagerly is
a) thoughtfully
b) sleepily
c) enthusiastically
d) sorrowfully

An antonym for graceful is
a) clumsy
b) fearful
c) selfish
d) harmful

An antonym for modesty is
a) generosity
b) pride
c) malice
d) injury

An antonym for eager is
a) generous
b) serious
c) curious
d) unwilling

Which of the following would most likely paralyze a town?
a) a celebration
b) stores and restaurants
c) a snowstorm
d) suny weather

Which of these would most likely paralyze a small animal?
a) food
b) fear
c) warmth
d) curiosity

Which of these hobbies is most active?
a) playing checkers
b) reading
c) collecting baseball cards
d) playing baseball

To contract is to
a) move fast
b) move up
c) sit still
d) get smaller

To recite a poem is to
a) figure out what the poem means
b) answer questions about the poem
c) read a poem
d) read a poem aloud to others

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