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light demonstrates particle characteristics when it
a) knocks electrons off metal surfaces
b) passes though a narrow opening
c) forms standing waves
d) all of the answers are correct

as the frequency of light wave increases
a) the energy increases
b) the energy decreases
c) the energy stays the same
d) the wavelength increases

the law of reflection says that the angle of incidence is ____ the angle of reflection
a) greater than
b) less than
c) equal to
d) none of the answers are correct

a virtual image
a) appears in front of a mirros
b) appears behind the mirros
c) diffuses light
d) reflects light

In addition to reflecting some light, every object
a) transmits radio waves
b) absorbs some light
c) produces vibrations
d) None of the answers are correct

a mirage is caused by
a) dispersing light
b) converging light
c) diverging light
d) refracting light

a prism separates white light into different colors through a process called
a) dispersion
b) magnification
c) convergence
d) divergence

which of these affects loudness of a sound
a) frequency of the waves
b) intensity of the waves
c) pitch of the sound
d) speed of the sound

to hear which of the following takes place
a) ear senses vibrations in the air
b) ear amplifies vibrtations
c) ear transmits signal to the brain
d) all of the answers are correct

when light rays reflect off a rough surface they
a) scatter in many different direc tions
b) converge toward the normal line
c) diverge toward the normal line
d) decrease their speed and change their angle

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