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DJ draws 2 tickets to select winners at a party. The tickets are numbered 1 - 25. What is the probability that both of the number will be less than 5
a) 1/50
b) 2/75
c) 12/625
d) 1/5

Jasso estimates that it will take 12 hrs to write his research paper.If this represents 80% of the time it actually took him to complete the paper, how many hrs did Jasso spend?
a) 9.6 hours
b) 15 hrs
c) 3 hours
d) 960 hrs

Ana's company can make 35 airplane propellers in 1.5 hours. At this rate how many hrs will it take to manufacture 210 propellers?
a) 6 hours
b) 9 hours
c) 4900 hours
d) 140 hours

Jessica wants to buy a BluRay. It costs $119 at Store A and $138 at Store B. She has a 15%-off coupon for Store B and a 10%-off coupon for Store A. Which statement is true?
a) The BluRay costs $10.20 less at Store B
b) The BluRay costs $23.05 more at Store B
c) The BluRay costs $10.20 more at Store B
d) Teh BluRay costs $23.05 less at Store B

Shaq and Jarrett are on opposite ends of a road that is 5 miles long. Shaq is walking towards Jarrett at 4 mph and Jarrett is walking at 6 mph. How long will it take to meet?
a) 120 minutes
b) 50 minutes
c) 30 minutes
d) 2 minutes

Trigg measured the height of a candle as it burned. He discovered that its height, h, in inches could be represented by h = 12 - .1m, where m equals minutes. Which is not true?
a) There is a linear relationship between the height and the minutes burned.
b) The candle was 12 inches tall when it started burning.
c) The height of teh candle is directly proportional to the number of minutes it has burned.
d) The candle burned for at most 120 minutes.

Which of the following equation has the steepest slope?
a) y = -15x - 2
b) y = 14x + 20
c) y = 2x + 21
d) y = -2x + 21

Gavino wants to buy a refrigerator that is 6 ft tall. The refrigerator's width is 1.75 times its depth, x. What equation best describes V, the volume, in terms of x?
a) V = 6x + 10.5
b) V = x^2 + 1.75x
c) V = 1.75x^2 + 6x
d) 10.5x^2

At Hornets Stadium, a soda costs $.25 more than a bottle of water. If Breanna bought 3 bottles of water and 2 sodas for $8, how much does each cost?
a) Water costs $1.50 and soda costs $1.75
b) Water costs $1.75 and soda costs $1.50.
c) Water costs $1.60 and soda costs $1.85.
d) Water costs $1.85 and soda costs $1.60.

A rectangular garden is 1 ft longer than it is wide. If its area is 42 sq ft, find the length and width.
a) length = 6 and width = 7
b) length = 7 and width = 6
c) length = -6 and width = -7
d) length = -6 and width = -7

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