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The Bible is NOT
a) called Sacred Scripture
b) divided into the Old and New Testaments
c) a fiction story
d) a guide for Christian living

The story of creation tells us that
a) God created from nothing
b) the human person is made in God's Image
c) creation revelas God's goodness
d) all of the above

The central saving event of the Old Testament is
a) finding Moses in the basket
b) the Exodus
c) the burning bush
d) The sacrifice of Isaac

What was the gold container carried by the Israelites that held the Ten Commandments?
a) Noah's Ark
b) Ark of the Covenant
c) Tabernacle
d) Temple

She was a judge who led the Chosen People in battle against their enemies.
a) Ruth
b) Deborah
c) Anna
d) Mary

God chose the prophet _____ to teach us that God forgives us even when we are unfaithful.
a) Elijah
b) Elisha
c) Hosea
d) Jethro

The gift King Solomon asked of God was
a) wealth
b) physical strength
c) wisdom
d) power

Who read the scroll of the prophet Isaiah in the temple and then sat down and said that Today this scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing.
a) Isaiah
b) Jeremiah
c) Jesus
d) Abel

The Paschal Mystery is
a) everything we don't understand about our faith.
b) the love of God in the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus.
c) the transubstantiation of the bread and the wine.
d) the seal of Confession.

A habit of doing good
a) blessing
b) promise
c) commandment
d) virtue

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