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Which of the follwoing is NOT a charactoristic of all living things
a) Mass
b) Respiration
c) Reproduction
d) Growth

When a plant grows towards sunlight this is an example of?
a) Movement
b) Respiration
c) Cellular Structure
d) Injestion

When two different species breed and have offspring, like a zebra and a horse, the offspring is?
a) A hybrid and cannot breed.
b) A hybrid and can breed.
c) This is can not happen.
d) A new species.

Why to scientist try to put all living things into groups?
a) To make it easier to study the millions of living things.
b) So they can build zoos and make money.
c) Scientists do not classify plants, only animals.
d) Scientists do not classify animals, only plants.

A living things scientific name is its?
a) Genus and Species
b) Family and Class
c) Phylum and Order
d) Kingdom and Class

Which group contains only living things?
a) Bat, Owl, Zebra and Bacteria
b) Horse, Water Pipe, Bat, and Gorilla
c) Rock, Diamond, Celery, and Butterfly
d) Diamond, Ruby, Garnet, and Opal

A log in your fireplace is an example of a ?
a) Once Living Thing
b) Living Thing
c) Non-Living Thing
d) Soon to be Living Thing

A chicken that runs across the road and makes it to the other side is?
a) A Living Thing
b) Once Living Thing
c) Non-Living Thing
d) Soon to be Living Thing

A rock that rolls down the hillside is?
a) Non-Living Thing
b) Once Living Thing
c) Soon to be Living Thing
d) A Living Thing

The sc ientific name for humans is?
a) Homo Sapien
b) Panthera Leo
c) Pinas Flexis
d) Man Kind

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