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The number of pretzels, p, that can be packaged in a box with volume of V is given by the equation p = 45V + 10. In this relationship, which is the dependent variable?
a) 10
b) 45
c) p
d) V

Which expression generates the set (0,2,8,18...) from the set n - (0,1,2,3,....)?
a) n
b) 2n
c) 2n^2
d) n^2 + 2

Taliq starts a pet-care business. He bought supplies for $210. He charges $25/weekend for each pet, p. Which function represents the net profit?
a) y = p+25-210
b) y = 210-25p
c) y = 210p -25
d) y = 25p-210

Which algebraic expression best represents the following relationship between the terms in the following sequence and n, their position in the sequence? 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, .....
a) n+2
b) n+1
c) 2n-1
d) 2n+1

Which of the following is equivalent to 2x + 2(3x-4) + 3(8x-4) ?
a) (8x - 5)/4
b) 4(32x+5)
c) 32x - 20
d) 32x - 8

Which of the following describe a linear function?
a) The area of a circle with radius r
b) The volume of a cylinder with radius r and height h
c) The surface area of a cube with side s
d) The perimeter of an equilateral triangle with side s

Which equation is best represented by a line containing the points (2, -5) and (4,3)?
a) x + 4y = 13
b) -4x + y = -13
c) y = -4x + 19
d) y = 4x - 13

Find the x- and y-intercepts of the line 2x = 9-3y.
a) x-int (3,0) and y-int (0, 4.5)
b) x-int (4.5, 0) and y-int (0,3)
c) x-int (0, 4.5) and y-int (3, 0)
d) x int (0,3) and y-int (4.5, 0)

KC kept track of her finances. She spent $4 more on CDs than on lunch. She spent 5 times as much on her car than she did on CDs.If KC spent $80, how much did she spend on her car?
a) $8
b) $14
c) $60
d) $12

The sum of two numbers is 59. The difference between two times the first number and 6 times the second number is -34. Find the two numbers.
a) 40 and 19
b) -40 and -19
c) -38 and 97
d) 38 and 97

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