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Which of the following is a sufficient condition to show that a certain equation does not represent a linear function?
a) The graph of the equation has a slope of zero
b) The graph of the equation has a domain of all real numbers
c) The graph of the equation has an undefined slope
d) The graph has exactly one y-intercept.

Heidi, Darby & Allison have $64 altogether for lunch. Heidi's contributed $4 more than twice as much as Allison. Heidi gave 3 times as much as Darby. How much did Allison pay?
a) 36
b) 16
c) 12
d) Not here

A diagonal walkway through a park is 18 meters long. If the park is square, how long is one of its sides to the nearest tenth of a meter?
a) 9.0
b) 12.7
c) 18.0
d) 25.5

If the perimeter of an equilateral triangle is 37 centimeters, what is the approximate area of the triangle?
a) 132
b) 54
c) 33
d) 66

What is teh approximate distance between the points (-7, 2) and (11, -5)?
a) 18.36
b) 19.31
c) 18.25
d) 8.06

Which of the following 3-D figures is made from a set of points in space that are equidistant from a fixed point?
a) cylinder
b) sphere
c) cube
d) tetrahedron

The equation of a graph is y = 0.4x^2 - 2. If the graph is translated 3 units up, what will the equation of the resulting graph be?
a) y = .4x^2 + 1
b) y = .7x^2 - 2
c) y = .4x^2 + 5
d) y = 3.4 x^2 - 2

Naji noticed that the population of ladybugs in a sample doubled every 3 days. If the population started with 30 bugs, what was the population after 9 days?
a) 90
b) 270
c) 120
d) 240

On a math problem, Destiny divided a number by 4 and then subtracted by 24 and got 12. She then realized that she should have subtracted first then divided. What is the answer?
a) -48
b) -28
c) 30
d) 144

Kaitlen works as a waitress. She earns $4.50 per hour plus tips. She serves 6 customers per hour. Kaitlen earned $108 during an 8-hour shift.What was her average tip per customer
a) $4
b) $1.50
c) $3
d) $13.50

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