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Small openings called ____________________ allow carbon dioxide to enter a leaf.
a) stomata
b) nucleus
c) pore
d) mouth

Plants make their own food using energy that comes from the ____________________.
a) soil
b) sun
c) air
d) water

Almost all living things depend on the process of ____________________ to supply them with the energy they need.
a) growth
b) respiration
c) cell theory
d) photosynthesis

Energy from glucose is released in the process of ____________________.
a) photosynthesis
b) respiration
c) plants
d) cell theory

The products of respiration are energy, carbon dioxide, and ____________________.
a) sun
b) air
c) water
d) oxygen

A cell’s nucleus divides to form two identical nuclei during the stage of the cell cycle known as ____________________.
a) mitosis
b) respiration
c) photosynthesis
d) interphase

The final stage of the cell cycle, during which the cytoplasm divides, is called ____________________.
a) mitosis
b) cytokinesis
c) photosynthesis
d) cloning

The sides of the DNA ladder are made of molecules of deoxyribose and ____________________.
a) sugar
b) phosphate
c) photosynthesis
d) prophase

Chloroplasts contain a pigment called ____________________ that captures the energy in light.
a) leaf cells
b) grass
c) chlorophyll
d) sugars

____________________ is the process by which a cell makes an exact copy of its DNA.
a) Replication
b) Duplication
c) Sublimation
d) Reproduction

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