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What is a cancer tumor?
a) a group of cells in the bloodstream
b) a mass of normal cells
c) a mass of abnormal cells
d) a mass of cells that don’t divide

What is chemotherapy?
a) the use of drugs to treat a disease
b) the use of surgery to treat a disease
c) the use of radiation to treat a disease
d) the use of drugs to prevent cancer from occurring

What is a major cause of lung cancer?
a) water pollution
b) air pollution
c) an unhealthy diet
d) smoking

What captures energy from sunlight during photosynthesis?
a) solar cells
b) stomata
c) chlorophyll and other pigments
d) carbohydrates

Each rung of the DNA ladder is made of
a) a single nitrogen base
b) a pair of nitrogen bases.
c) three nitrogen bases.
d) four nitrogen bases.

Carbon dioxide enters plants through the
a) pigments
b) chloroplasts
c) chlorophyll
d) stomata

During what stage of the cell cycle does replication occur?
a) interphase
b) cytokinesis
c) prophase
d) mitosis

What is copied during replication?
a) the cell’s organelles
b) chromosomes
c) the cell's DNA
d) two daughter cells

What forms around the chromatids during mitosis?
a) two new chromosomes
b) two new nuclei
c) two new cells
d) two new DNA molecules

The regular cycle of growth and division that cells undergo is called
a) replication
b) the cell cycle
c) interphase
d) mitosis

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