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When a rapidly moving cold air mass overtakes a slow-moving warm air mass, the result is a(n)
a) cold front
b) occluded front
c) warm front
d) stationary front

When a warm air mass and a cold air mass meet and neither can move the other, the result is a(n)
a) occluded front
b) warm front
c) stationary front
d) cold front

A major difference between cyclones and anticyclones is
a) their size
b) where they occur
c) the direction of their winds
d) how often they occur

A funnel-shaped cloud that touches Earth’s surface is called a
a) hurricane
b) cyclone
c) tornado
d) thunderhead

One of the best places to seek protection during a tornado is
a) in the attic
b) beside either the stove or the refrigerator
c) in the garage
d) in the basement of a well-built building

Weather forecasting has improved recently in part because of
a) fewer weather changes from year to year.
b) more experienced weather forecasters
c) improved data gathering and better computer technology.
d) widespread television reporting

Scientists who study weather and try to predict it are called
a) astronomers
b) climatologists
c) meteorologists
d) weatherologists

Isobars are lines on a map joining places that have the same
a) wind speed
b) temperature
c) humidity
d) air pressure

On weather maps, a line with half circles indicates
a) a hurricane
b) a cold front
c) a warm front
d) snow

When a warm air mass overtakes a cold air mass, it forms a(n)
a) occluded front
b) warm front
c) stationary front
d) cold front

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