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How do the densities of the jovian and terrestrial planets compare?
a) All terrestrials are more dense than any of the jovians.
b) The closer a planet lies to the Sun, the less its density.
c) Made from the same solar nebula, they are all similar.
d) More massive jovians all have high densities, compared to the tiny terrestrials.

Which statement about the motion of the planets is incorrect?
a) All revolutions of major planets are counterclockwise.
b) Most orbit above the Sun\'s equator.
c) Most planets rotate in the counterclockwise direction when viewed
d) Most planets move in the Earth\'s equatorial plane.

Which of these is NOT true of all jovian planets?
a) Four are presently known orbiting our Sun.
b) All lie at least five A.U. from the Sun.
c) All have their poles approximately perpendicular to the ecliptic.
d) All are less dense than any of the terrestrial planets.

The \
a) Pioneer 11.
b) Voyager 1 and 2 both.
c) Cassini.
d) Voyager 2.

Which statement about comets is NOT true?
a) Their densities are higher than those of asteroids.
b) They look fuzzy, while asteroids appear as moving points of light.
c) They tend to be made of ice that easily vaporizes near perihelion.
d) Their orbits tend to be more eccentric than those of asteroids.

Our understanding of the solar system has come in a way that can best be described as:
a) slow and steady since the discovery of the telescope by Galileo.
b) steady until the last decade, when the decline in the space program slowed it a great deal.
c) explosive, with us learning more in the past few decades than in all previous history.
d) constant since prehistoric times.

Which of these have not successfully landed on Mars and returned data?
a) Viking 1
b) Mars Polar Lander.
c) Viking 2
d) Pathfinder.

The best present maps of the surface of Venus come from the:
a) Venera 14 lander.
b) Venera 15 orbiter.
c) Messenger orbiter.
d) Magellan.

Which of these was the first to be found telescopically?
a) the four largest moons of Jupiter
b) Saturn\'s rings
c) the planet Neptune
d) the planet Uranus

Which of these statements about Mars exploration is FALSE?
a) ESA\'s Beagle 2 failed, but its Mars Express is sending back good data from orbit.
b) The Mars Global Surveyor and Odyssey have both found signs of water on Mars.
c) Most of mankind\'s missions to Mars have been successful.
d) Rovers Spirit and Opportunity successfully landed on opposite sides of Mars.

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