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I'd like to put this in my car. I might need to look at one if I need to go somewhere and I'm not sure how to get there.
a) Maps
b) Radio
c) Flashlight
d) Pad of paper

Look what I found! Can we connect it right away so I can call my friends?
a) Microwave
b) Computer
c) TV
d) Telephone

Put these on the counter. We'll need them if we decide to have soup for dinner.
a) Forks
b) Bowls
c) Crackers
d) Napkins

I'll put this in the garage for now. Soon I'll need it so I can get up on the roof and look at those loose shingles.
a) Boots
b) Tape Measure
c) Ladder
d) Hammer

Carefully put this bowl on the counter, until we find a better place for them. And, you'd better give them some food too.
a) Dog Bowl
b) Salad Bowl
c) Fish Bowl
d) Ant Farm

I'm going to put this in my jewelry box. It's not working now because it needs a new battery.
a) Necklace
b) Earrings
c) Ring
d) Watch

I'll put this in the backyard so I can connect it and use it later. The flowers in the garden look too dry.
a) Watering Can
b) Hose
c) Gardening Gloves
d) Lawn Mower

I'll put this on the counter byt he sink. Soon I'll go out and pick some flowers, then fill it with water and put the flowers in.
a) Cup
b) Garden
c) Bucket
d) Vase

I'll put this up on the counter in the bathroom. I noticed that the mirrors are smudged and should be cleaned.
a) Soap
b) Towels
c) Cleaning Spray
d) Sponge

I'm glad I found this. I'll need to measure the windows so I know what size curtains to buy.
a) Tape Measure
b) Ruler
c) Curtain Rod
d) Scale

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