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Anna bought 1 pound of butter. Which of the following is equivalent to 1 pond?
a) 16 ounces
b) 10 ounces
c) 28 ounces
d) 32 ounces

The walking trail at the county park is 1 mile long. Which of the following is closest to a distance of 1 mile?
a) 1.5 meters
b) 1.5 centimeters
c) 1.5 kilometers
d) 1.5 millimeters

A scientist filled an eyedropper with vinegar. Which of the following amount would fit in an eyedropper?
a) 10 liters
b) 1 kiloliter
c) 10 millileters
d) 1 liter

A quart is almost a-
a) centimeter
b) liter
c) milliliter
d) kiloliter

Jackie plans to cover a tabletop with tiles. Which should Jackie know to make sure she buys enough tile?
a) The weight of the table
b) The height of the table
c) The area of the tabletop
d) The perimeter of the tabletop

Mrs. Thomas bought 5/6 yard of red fabric and yard 1/2 of green fabric. How much more red fabric than green fabric did Mrs. Thomas buy?
a) 6/8 yard
b) 4/4 yard
c) 2/6 yard
d) 5/12 yard

Landon needed to measure the weight of a pencil using the metric system. What unit would he use?
a) Kilograms
b) grams
c) ounces
d) pounds

What is the best estimate of the mass of a pencil?
a) 100 ounces
b) 10 pounds
c) 10 grams
d) 100 kilograms

Which of the following would hold about 35 gallons?
a) glass of soda
b) bathtub
c) bowl of soup
d) bucket of water

A youth group was giving away peanuts. They had 51 pounds. If they gave away peanuts to 8 people, about how many pounds did each person get?
a) 6 pounds
b) 10 pounds
c) 2 pounds
d) 15 pounds

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