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Which of the following shows the correct path of the tree life cycle?
a) Seed-Sapling-Sprout-Mature Tree.
b) Seed-Sprout-Sapling-Mature Tree
c) Mature Tree-Seed-Sapling-Sprout
d) Snag-Seed-Sapling-Mature Tree

A single leaf on a stem is called a.....
a) Compound leaf
b) Simple Leaf
c) Palmate Leaf
d) Pinnate Leaf

The leaves and buds on a tree are collectively known as what?
a) Canopy
b) Body
c) Crown
d) Node

A person who studies tree rings is called what?
a) Anatomist
b) Optomologist
c) Endochronologist
d) Dendrochronologist

A drupe, a nut, and a samara are all.....
a) leaf shapes.
b) seed types.
c) tree names.
d) layers of a tree trunk.

The roots of a tree...
a) provide support and absorb nutrients.
b) transport food from the leaves to the cambium.
c) are dead tissue that support the tree.
d) protect the tree from injuries.

Each year a tree grows....
a) it gets taller.
b) it adds a new ring of growth and gets wider.
c) it drops its leaves.
d) it's leaves grow larger.

A pinnate leaf...
a) has an opposite arrangement.
b) has a whorled arrangement.
c) resembles a feather.
d) resembles a hand.

The heartwood of a tree is...
a) the layer that divides to make new rings.
b) dead tissue at the center that supports the tree.
c) responsible for transporting food from the roots to the leaves.
d) also called the xylem.

A forest is a....
a) large group of trees.
b) dense jungle.
c) group of trees, shrubs, and other plants and organisms.
d) biome only found in the southern hemisphere.

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