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Which of the following is NOT a Minnesota biome?
a) Temperate Deciduous Forest
b) Tundra
c) Coniferous Forest
d) Prairie Grassland

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a coniferous forest?
a) Seeds in cones
b) Needle-like leaves
c) Scale-like leaves
d) Alternating, simple leaves

What animal is a bioligical indicator of the forest?
a) White-tailed Deer
b) Snakes
c) Salamander
d) Birds

A plant with spiny or prickly fruit uses what method of seed dispersal?
a) Exploding seed pod
b) Wind dispersal
c) Heat from fire
d) Animal Dispersal

An invasive speces is a species that....
a) is found only in one area.
b) has a mutualistic relationship with trees.
c) is native to the area.
d) is introduced and causes harm to the environment.

What can we learn from the rings of a tree?
a) How old the tree is.
b) How the weather changed during the life of the tree.
c) If there were abiotic factors that affected the tree (i.e. fire, blizzards, etc.).
d) All of the answers are correct.

Which part of the tree trunk is responsible for new growth?
a) Cambium
b) Heartwood
c) Inner Bark
d) Roots

What is the purpose of the outer bark on a tree?
a) Nutrient storage
b) Structural support
c) Absorbing sunlight for photosynthesis
d) Protection from the elements

The gypsy moth is an invasive species that...
a) kills Ash trees.
b) kills the roots of a tree.
c) kills trees by repeatedly eating all of its leaves.
d) creates grooves inside the tree.

Which of the following is NOT a threat to coniferous forests?
a) Logging for lumber
b) Cutting down trees for Christmas
c) Freezing winters
d) Tornadoes

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