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True or False...Most of the world\'s resources are spread evenly around the world.
a) False
d) True

Cause...European countries built African colonies without concern for the location of different African cultural groups. What was the effect?
a) Conflicts arose among people of different ethnic groups living in the same country.
b) People lived in harmony.
c) Conflicts arose among people of the same ethnic group.
d) People celebrated with their neighbors.

Cause...Rapid urbanization has occurred in many countries. What is the effect?
a) There is overcrowding and a lack of services for people moving to the cities.
b) Crime becomes less and less a problem.
c) Nobody is happy.
d) All people are able to build a new home.

Cause...Resources are not evenly spread throughout the world. What is the effect?
a) Countries must depend on one another for what they need or want.
b) Countries become independent.
c) People hoard all their resources and don\'t share with anyone.
d) Countries share willing and are at peace with one another.

Cause...Rainforests have been destroyed to make room for homes and farms. What is the effect?
a) The soil has few nutrients.
b) Plants resprout in other areas.
c) Animals are not affected.
d) There is more oxygen in the air.

How have past events created borders of African countries today?
a) People of the same culture were separated by boundaries. Others were living with enemies.
b) Past events had no effect on the current boundaries.
c) African colonies were later controlled by China.
d) They were concerned about the people\'s differing cultures.

How have past events created the borders of Pakistan and India?
a) When India gained independence from Britain, it split in two. Hindus in India. Muslims in Pakistan.
b) India became bigger.
c) Pakistan was relocated to Japan.
d) The two became one.

Different cultures have very different...
a) beliefs and customs.
b) planets.
c) body parts.
d) chickens and ducks.

Does a developing country have a high or a low standard of living?
a) A developing country has a low standard of living.
d) A developing country has a high standard of living.

Which word means the total value of the goods and services a country produces?
a) Gross Domestic Product
b) Standard of Living
c) Net Domestic Product
d) Community Service

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