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an aprroximation of a number, based on reasonable assumptions
a) estimate
b) carrying capacity
c) population
d) niche

the number of births in a popoulation in a certain amount of time
a) death rate
b) carrying capacity
c) birth rate
d) population denstiy

the number of deaths in a population in a certain amount of time
a) death rate
b) limiting factor
c) natural selection
d) niche

moving into a population
a) competition
b) predation
c) birth rate
d) immigration

leaving a population
a) birth rate
b) emigration
c) limiting factor
d) population

the number of individuals in an area of a specific size
a) population density
b) emigration
c) carrying capacity
d) niche

an environmental factor that causes a population to decrease
a) limiting factor
b) death rate
c) predation
d) birth rate

the largest population that an area can support
a) carrying capacity
b) niche
c) ecosystem
d) estimate

a process by which characteristics that make an individual better suited to its environment become more common in a species
a) natural selection
b) abiotic factor
c) biotic factor
d) community

a behavior or physical characteristic that allows an organism to live successfully in its environment
a) adaptations
b) limiting factor
c) niche
d) competition

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