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What is the speed of sound at room temperature?
a) 330 m/s
b) 340 m/s
c) 20 degrees Celsius
d) 35 m/s

Compared to the speed of light, sound travels
a) at about the same speed
b) slower
c) faster

Which of the following would be most likely to transmit sound with the highest speed?
a) water in the ocean
b) wood in a cabinet
c) steel in a bridge
d) air in the classroom

Which would transmit sound faster, oxygen (mass =16) or helium (mass = 4)?
a) oxygen
b) helium
c) sound would travel at the same speed through both

On which type of day would sound travel the fastest?
a) warm
b) cold
c) sound would travel at the same speed for both

The speed of a sound wave in a gas depends on
a) A.) temperature
b) B.) mass of particles in gas
c) C.) frequency
d) D.) Both A and B

Which of the following cannot be measured by instruments-can vary from person to person depending on how they perceive sound?
a) Loudness
b) Sound intensity
c) Wavelength

How much more intense is a 60 dB sound than a 30 dB sound?
a) 100 times
b) 10 times
c) 30 times
d) 1000 times

How much more intense is a 80 dB sound than a 40 dB sound?
a) 40 times
b) 100 times
c) 1000 times
d) 10, 000 times

How far away in a jet plane if you notice a 2 second delay between seeing the plane and hearing it?
a) 340 m
b) 680 m
c) 6800 m
d) 660 m

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