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An explosion occurs 340 km away. Given that sound travels at 340 m/s, the time the sound takes to reach you is
a) 1000 s
b) 200 s
c) 100 s
d) 10 s

Sound waves in air are a series of
a) all of the choices
b) periodic compressions and rarefactions.
c) periodic disturbances.
d) high- and low-pressure regions.

A sound wave is a
a) longitudinal wave.
b) shock wave.
c) standing wave.
d) transverse wave.

The speed of a sound wave in a gas depends on
a) temperature and mass of the particles in the gas
b) frequency
c) mass of the particles in the gas
d) temperature

The phenomenon of beats results from sound
a) interference.
b) reflection.
c) refraction.
d) all of the choices

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed due to
a) resonance.
b) frequency modulation.
c) destructive interference.
d) beats.

A 680-Hz sound wave travels at 340 m/s in air, with a wavelength of
a) 0.5 m
b) 5 m
c) 50 m
d) 500 m

Beats are produced when two tuning forks, one of frequency 240 Hz and the other of frequency 248 Hz, are sounded together. The frequency of the beats is
a) 8 Hz
b) 16 Hz
c) 4 Hz
d) None of the choices

If the sounding board were left out of a music box, the music box would
a) make little plinking sounds
b) not sound at all.
c) sound the same as usual.
d) None of the choices

The speed of sound in a material depends on the
a) elasticity of the material
b) volume of the material
c) mass
d) None of the choices

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