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How many million years ago did the era in which you live begin
a) 650
b) 245
c) 1.6
d) 65

What is the process by which better suited organisms survive and reproduce
a) endangerment
b) extinction
c) gymnosperm
d) natural selection

What is the next smaller division of geologic time after the era
a) period
b) stage
c) epoch
d) eon

When did the most recent ice age occur
a) Pennsylvanian
b) Triassic
c) Tertiary
d) Quaternary

During what time period did the dinosaurs live
a) Mesozoic
b) Paleozoic
c) Miocene
d) Cenozoic

The record of events in Earth history is called the
a) Precambrian Era
b) Fossil Record
c) Geologic Time Scale
d) Mesocoic Era

The largest subdiviions of geologic time scale
a) Epoch
b) Period
c) Era
d) Eon

A group of individuals that normally breed only among themselves
a) natural selection
b) species
c) humans
d) trilobite

The supercontinent that was formed when all the continents were connected is called
a) Pangea
b) Paleozoic
c) Parthenon
d) Prague

The time period that lasted about 4 billion years
a) Paleozoic
b) Precambrian
c) Cenozoic
d) Mesozoic

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