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During its ____ _____, an organism’s role in the community (niche) may change. What an animal eats, what eats it, and other relationships may change.
a) night time
b) daily life
c) life cycle
d) ???

The ____ of the habitat depends on the organism’s needs
a) size
b) color
c) shape
d) texture

A _____ is the function or role that an organism performs in the food web of that community.
a) culture
b) niche
c) biome
d) habitat

A niche also includes everything else the _________ does and needs in its environment, including what it eats and how it interacts with other organisms and the nonliving factors in its environment.
a) community
b) organism
c) population
d) habitat

Organisms that share the same need for resources must _______ to meet their needs.
a) compete
b) dance
c) shelter
d) work

An organism’s habitat provides food, water, _______, and space.
a) nice things
b) money
c) shelter
d) health care

A _______is the place where an animal or plant naturally lives.
a) reservoir
b) community
c) niche
d) habitat

A food ___ illustrates the interconnected and overlapping food chains in an ecosystem
a) web
b) buffet
c) fight
d) net

The arrow in a food chain always points to the organism doing the ______.
a) eating
b) best
c) wrong thing
d) dying

Members of a __________ compete to obtain resources, mates, and territory, and they cooperate to meet basic needs.
a) society
b) niche
c) habitat
d) population

Within a community, organisms are dependent on the ________ of other organisms.
a) kindness
b) competition
c) weakness
d) survival

______ is passed from one organism to another as modeled in a food chain or food web.
a) love
b) hate
c) energy
d) disease

The populations of species that live in the same place at the same time together make up a _________.
a) neighborhood
b) niche
c) habitat
d) community

The interactions and organization within an ecosystem is based on the utilization of the energy from the ___.
a) sun
b) moon
c) stars
d) earth's interior

The greatest amount of energy in an ecosystem is in the __________.
a) carnivores
b) decomposers
c) consumers
d) producers

The sun’s energy cycles through ecosystems from producers through consumers and back into the nutrient pool through ___________.
a) producers
b) consumers
c) herbivores
d) decomposers

An _________ is an area where living and nonliving things interact.
a) ecosystem
b) atmosphere
c) niche
d) community

_________ factors of an ecosystem include things such as sunlight, water, nutrients, soil, and air
a) Population
b) living
c) habitat
d) non-living

All the organisms of the same species that live in the same place at the same time are a __________.
a) habitat
b) group
c) population
d) biome

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