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A person could be fined up to $1,000 or be imprisoned for breaking the law, stated in the
a) Southern Slave Act
b) Owners-Right Act
c) Fugitve Slave Act
d) Runaway Slave Act

________ split the Democratic Party.
a) Slavery
b) The Compromise of 1850
c) Seccession
d) Republicans

The first president of the Confederate States of America was
a) Stephen Douglas
b) Robert E. Lee
c) Jefferson Davis
d) Abraham Lincoln

People could exclude slavery by refusing to pass laws protecting slaveholders' right is called
a) Douglas's Debate
b) Slaveholder's Rights
c) Freeport Doctrine
d) Fugitive Slave Act

What Supreme Court decision meant that the Constitution protected slavery?
a) Madison VS. Marbury
b) Dred Scott case
c) Harper's Ferry Case
d) Missouri Compromise

What event marked the beginning of the Civil War?
a) Lincoln and Douglas debates
b) South Carolina seceding
c) attack on Harper's Ferry
d) Fort Sumter attack

Led raid on Harper's Ferry
a) John Brown
b) Stephen Douglas
c) Jefferson Davis
d) Abraham Lincoln

A war between citizens of the same country is called a
a) cold war
b) undeclared war
c) country war
d) civil war

Rival proslavery and antislavery governments existed in
a) Missouri
b) California
c) Maine
d) Kansas

Stephen A. Douglas proposed letting the people dcide about slavery through
a) popular sovereignty
b) free choice
c) state's rights
d) Bill of Rights

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